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Firewall Check
LF_APACHE_404 sanity check LF_APACHE_404 = 4. Recommended range: 0|60-1000 (Default: )
LF_APACHE_403 sanity check LF_APACHE_403 = 4. Recommended range: 0|60-1000 (Default: )
DEBUG sanity check DEBUG = 1. Recommended range: 0 (Default: )
Server Check
SSH/Telnet Check
Check SSH on non-standard port You should consider moving SSH to a non-standard port [currently:22] to evade basic SSH port scans. Don't forget to open the port in the firewall first!
Check SSH PasswordAuthentication For ultimate SSH security, you should consider disabling PasswordAuthentication and only allow access using PubkeyAuthentication
Mail Check
Apache Check
PHP Check
Check php for ini_set disabled You should consider adding ini_set to the disable_functions in the PHP configuration as this setting allows PHP scripts to override global security and performance settings for PHP scripts. Adding ini_set can break PHP scripts and commenting out any use of ini_set in such scripts is advised
WHM Settings Check
Check cPanel tree Running EDGE/BETA on a production server could lead to server instability
Check cPanel updates You have cPanel updating disabled, this can pose a security and stability risk. WHM > Update Config >cPanel/WHM Updates > Daily Updates > Update cPanel & WHM daily
Check accounts that can access a cPanel user You should consider setting this option to "user" after use. WHM > Tweak Settings > Accounts that can access a cPanel user account
Check nameservers Unable to resolve nameserver [ns2.webumake.net] within 5 seconds
Check nameservers Unable to resolve nameserver [ns1.webumake.net] within 5 seconds
Check nameservers At least one of the configured nameservers:
should be located in a topologically and geographically dispersed location on the Internet - See RFC 2182 (Section 3.1)
Server Services Check

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