MailScanner Front-End for cPanel and DirectAdmin
$55 (one-time fee)

This is an exclusive! add-on product for cPanel and DirectAdmin, so that you can allow your users to control how they want their email scanned for spam and viruses. This application is available on a per installation basis for a specified server only. There are no recurring license renewal fees. Installation is included with purchase.

MailScanner Front-End

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All purchases are subject to security checks. Please read our Ordering Terms  and License Terms before purchasing.

This application provides a user front-end to a MailScanner installation on cPanel and DirectAdmin. It consists of three parts:

  1. A front-end that becomes part of the Control Panel theme. This allows users to maintain their own settings, via a script, that modifies a text file stored in their Control Panel account. This allows users to configure:

    • Per domain actions for two score levels for spam scanning
    • Per domain actions for virus scanning
    • Per Control Panel account whitelists and blacklists
    • Per Control Panel account low and high score settings
    • Per Control Panel account configurable forwarding email address for spam
    • Control Panel users can have access to MailControl for their domains
    • Control Panel users can view their emails in the global message store
    • Control Panel users can search their emails in the global message store
    • Control Panel users can release Spam, and optionally other emails, from the global message store
    • Control Panel users can optionally tag emails as Spam or Ham
    • Control Panel users can view Statistics related to their email
    • Control Panel users can optionally perform Bulk actions on their emails

  2. A WHM front-end for server-wide management of MailScanner:

    • Enable/Disable per Control Panel account access from within WHM
    • Enable all Control Panel accounts access from within WHM
    • Configure MailScanner from within WHM
    • Configure front-end settings from within WHM
    • Server-wide Black and White spam lists from within WHM
    • MailControl access in WHM for statistical information, SpamAssassin learning and releasing of attachments from quarantine (Available with root WHM login only)
    • Accessible only through root access (i.e. no reseller access)

  3. A back-end script that checks the user files to see if they have been modified. It then generates the appropriate entries for their domain in the MailScanner ruleset files

New in v9:

  • DirectAdmin Support
  • SpamBox - Control Panel users can configure tagged email to be delivered to an Spam subfolder
  • MySQL v8.0 support
  • RHEL/CentOS/AlmaLinux/CL v8 OS support
  • Exim named queue method for MailScanner, reducing overheads and targetting scanning


The included installation service consists of:

  • MailScanner using our installer
  • ClamAV for MailScanner
  • DCC to improve spam scoring
  • MailScanner front-end for your Control Panel Users. Note that this replaces the SpamAssassin front-end in cPanel and DirectAdmin which has to be disabled
  • ConfigServer Mail Queues - included, see here
  • Access to MailControl from within WHM
  • Modify ClamAV and MailScanner to use the clamd process, which reduces server load and speeds up mail scanning dramatically
  • Configure SpamAssassin to use server-wide bayesian filter database to increase identification of spam. Disable cPanel and DirectAdmin SpamAssassin to provide central control of mail scanning services
  • Modification to MailScanner configuration to allow you to offer a per domain email scanning service for spam and/or viruses, together with per domain actions for dealing with detected spam
  • cPanel and DirectAdmin -> MailScanner sync script - keeps your configured domains in sync with the MailScanner rulesets, so that new domains are always included and domains no longer hosted are removed
  • The MailScanner Front-End Service includes one week of informational support tickets where we are happy to answer any questions you may have about the service and configuring the package to suit your requirements. After this time support is limited to the MailScanner Front-End itself. We do not provide ongoing support for MailScanner itself, SpamAssassin or ClamAV. In addition, we can not provide any guarantee of the suitability of MailScanner for your server or its effectiveness in identifying spam on your server.


This service is designed to help protect your users' mailboxes from incoming spam and viruses. If your problem is with outgoing spam being sent from your server, please look at one of our other services, such as cPanel Server Service Package.
The MailScanner Front-End is a commercial product that is sold and licensed on a per server basis. Unlike competing products, it is strictly a one-time per server license purchase with updates for the life of the product, all at a reasonable price! A single initial installation per MailScanner Front-End license is included in purchase.
All purchases are subject to security checks. Please read our Ordering Terms  and License Terms before purchasing.

If you have any questions about the MailScanner package, please feel free to contact us and/or check the Frequently Asked Questions.

Important Notes

  • The cPanel front-end only works properly with skins that correctly implement the cPanel theme API.
  • The MailScanner Front-End for WHM is only available with root WHM login.
  • DirectAdmin OS support is only for CentOS v7, CloudLinux v7/8, AlmaLinux v8.
  • DirectAdmin only supports the Exim name queues configuration.
  • DirectAdmin modified exim.conf and exim filter templates for the SpamBox feature.
  • While we do not support use of a remote MySQL server for MailControl, an option is provided for a local SQLite database. A common database for multiple MailControl installations is not supported.
  • While we endeavour to configure MailScanner to be as efficient as possible, the application inevitably uses server resources. Due to this additional load, we recommend caution when installing MailScanner on a server which has less than 2GB of memory as ClamAV itself uses nearly 1GB.
  • cPanel will not provide support for email issues while MailScanner is part of the mail delivery system on a server. MailScanner can be disabled if reporting email issues to cPanel.
  • The MailScanner Front-End Service can be performed on dedicated servers and VPS's running supported releases of RHEL/CentOS/Ubuntu/AlmaLinux/CloudLinux (Redhat v7, CentOS v7, Ubuntu v20.04 (cPanel only), CloudLinux v7/8, AlmaLinux v8).
  • If you choose not to have us do the installation, we provide instructions to self-install MailScanner, clamav, and the MailScanner Front-End here. The other configuration and plugins mentioned above (under Installation) are not included with the MailScanner Front-End itself.
  • For license details: LICENSE.msfe.txt